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About Us


Hi! I am Robert Quiñonez, the owner of David W. Brown Painting. My wonderful wife, Sonja and I live in Dover, Delaware with our two children. When I was 19 years old, I began working for the former owner, David Brown. He saw potential in me and became my biggest mentor. He gave me leadership opportunities and room to grow. We worked together for years, he taught me everything I know about painting. 


In 2008, David and his family made the decision to give their lives to mission work. I was confident in what he taught me, so when he gave me the option to become the new owner, I gladly took the role. Since then, I have been giving my best, painting each home with care and trust. I love seeing the transformations, the new spaces, and the art within each home, but most of all, I love seeing my client’s expressions when they see the results. We strive to give you and your family a beautiful space that you enjoy being in. We promise to always pay attention to details, use a reliable process, and give you the best experience with Quiñonez LLC!

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